Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's been too long!

I think I start out most of my blogs saying it's been a long time since I last blogged! Maybe I should get better about doing this. I think there's so few people-if any-who read this and they probably already know what all's going on in my life. But it's something that's fun to do so i'll sit and talk to myself on here for a while! :o)

I'm not really sure what I blogged about last time so I might end up repeating myself but that's ok, I do that quite often when i'm talking anyways! The kids are doing awesome which always makes my life good! Konner is still the same Konner, active, entertaining, loud and just all around energetic! Lexi is still my little drama queen, she's Konner's accomplice in most mischief, and still melts her daddy's heart with a simple smile-or tear! Logyn is growing like a weed! She's already 4 months old, rolling over and I even caught her up on her knees the other day which is hard to believe. She's the happiest baby and her smile lights up our house regularly, she's still her brother and sis's favorite toy and they're always doing things to make her smile!

Colby is still amazing! He's just finished up another senior season at his job which is always such a busy time for him but keeps him busy witch is good. He's just an awesome guy and I can't brag on him enough! :o) He's the kids favorite toy, he helps me stay sane on days that I want to scream for whatever reason, he's growing so much spiritually and pushes me to grow as well. He's just amazing!

Honestly there's not tons to blog about, not much has changed which is pretty normal. We just continue to go day to day and are learning to love life more and more. So I guess that's all... :o)