Thursday, March 18, 2010


My last post was about the bow board I made so I decided I should post now about some of the bows i've made. It's harder and yet easier than it looks. It's harder because unless you learn some tricks you're out of luck and will just end up with a big knot! But once you learn the tricks it's actually pretty simple....and for me it's getting addicting! :o)

Ok so here are my very first bows, I made two of the same kind because I love putting my girls in pig-tails!

Now these aren't the greatest bows in the world but they're also not the worst ones out there either so just bear with me. It gets better... :o)

With this one I tried to get a little more elaborate. This one-according to the website I was using-is called a loopy surround bow. Once again, this is the first one like this i've made so it's not great. I'm totally going to have to make another one and see if I can do better.

Here is my first cheerleader bow....seriously, who comes up with the names for these things?!

This was my first attempt at a stacked boutique bow...i'll show you what a good-or at least decent-stacked boutique bow should look like next.

Isn't that much better?! :o)

Then these are just some basic boutique bows...the princess one is of course Lexi's favorite! :o)

That's all the bows I have for now but like I said, it's getting addictive so i'm sure i'll be back to post more soon! :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bow board

I've started making bows for my girls, I figured since I have 2 girls it will be a lot cheaper if i'm able to make them instead of buy them. Anyways, now I need somewhere to keep these bows that Logyn can't get to. :o) I was going to make one that looks like this...

But since I have 2 girls I wanted to do something that would work for both of them, so I decided to make them a bow board! First I got a piece of plain canvas-I used an 11x14 but you can use whatever size you want-enough material to cover it, ribbon to match, scissors and a glue gun.

I turned the canvas face down on the back of the marterial.

Then I took my glue gun and glued the sides to the back of the canvas. Be sure to pull the material as tight as you can.

Be sure to fold the corners down...

Then I took the ribbon and glued 3 pieces of it on the board.

Then glued one piece of ribbon across the top.

I then took a long piece of ribbon and tied a bow, I tweaked it until I got it to look just how I wanted. Then I glued the ends of the ribbon to the back of the board. And Ta-da!!!

I'm very pleased with how it turned out and now I finally have somewhere to keep the girls bows...can you believe i've been keeping them in a baggy all this time?! :o) Next i'll have to post some pictures of the bows i've made!!!