Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've always hated summer, as a kid the only good thing about it was we didn't have school, now that i'm an adult even that reason is gone. I've always preferred fall and especially winter to spring or summer but yet every year those two seasons still show up. :o) I did find something to enjoy during summer though...grilling!! My dad gave us a grill this year and we have since started grilling on a regular basis. I love it because it leaves at least half of the cooking to Colby which always makes for a nice break.

I'm also getting into cooking from scratch, i've made rolls, bread, different baked goods and breakfast foods from scratch so far. I have a few websites that i'm on regularly getting new ideas and trying new things and so far I love it! I have so many more recipes I want to try out, muffins and several different breads now that i've pulled my bread maker out again. It's surprising how fun it really is to get in and be all home-makey!

Also quick update on Logyn, she is now almost 6 months old and is crawling, sitting herself up, pulling up in the crib and slowly cruising in the crib! Crazy girl, she's so ready to be big. Everyone else is doing good and about the same as always. :o) This was super short but I gotta run...it's time to swim-for the kids not me! ;o)