Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just another Saturday

Last night the kids stayed with my mom for the first time all month, she usually keeps them every Friday night but she's been busy with summer camps. It was so great to have the evening off, I mean I love my kids and enjoy spending time with them but any parent would have to admit that breaks are wonderful and help to keep you sane! So since my mom had the kids Colby and I spent the evening eating a dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and chips and hot sauce while watching Ocean's Eleven. Doesn't that sound like the funnest evening you've ever heard of?!? To top it off we even went to bed at mom and kids didn't even go to bed till 11:00!! We're now officially old! haha! But it was great to have a fun relaxing evening just hanging out doing nothing, we don't get to do that very often.

Then this morning I got up and finished filling out all the invitations for the baby shower that i'm throwing while watching Pride and Prejudice...which just happens to be one of the greatest movies of all time! I really do enjoy days where nothing much is required, I don't get those days often. It's funny, Colby honestly expects so little of me right now and it's great, but at the same time I expect so much of myself that I have to fight living on a constant guilt trip about what i'm not doing. I've had a really hard time during this pregnancy, I haven't been very sick but I have absolutely NO energy for anything. I'm able to take care of the kids and do a basic cleaning job around the house but after that I feel like i've just run a marathon! I just keep trying to remind myself that as long as the kids are taken care of that's what's most important and i'm doing a good job. I saw a quote, and actually used it in my scrapbook, that says "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing" and that is sooo true!!

I can't wait for next week, we actually have alot going on that i'm really excited about. First of all Colby is off work on Sunday (of course) and Monday so we'll have 2 days together which will be great, but the best part is he only has to work 3 days next week and then he gets a 4 day weekend since it's the fourth of July weekend!! I love days when he's home, we all have such a good time together and the kids absolutely love "daddy time". Also I should be getting my glasses in on Monday or Tuesday so i'll finally be able to see, something that I haven't been able to really do for the last 5 years! haha! Then I have my first doctor's apt on Thursday so i'm really excited about that, i'm hoping that we'll get to set up a sonogram sometime soon because i'm dying to know how far along I am!!! I think i'm due sometime in January but I honestly have no idea and when you tell people that they tend to look at you funny. So i'll be glad to know...We did finally decided on names though so that's great, for a boy the name will be Logan Chase and for a girl it will be Logan Audrey. It might seem kinda weird that we're using Logan for either a boy or girl but I really love the name and when I thought about using it for a girl I absolutely loved it!!

Well I guess i've rambled on and on about nothing long enough so i'll stop for now....if I don't stop i'll have nothing to ramble about tomorrow!! haha!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's been way to long...

This morning I was checking my email and I got a notification that a new comment was posted on my blog....which was a surprise to me since I had completely forgotten that I even had a blog! So I decided to come and update some stuff on here, i'm going to try to start posting on here regularly but we'll just see how that goes. I don't ever feel like enough goes on in my life to really get on here and write about but maybe it's more like a journal and I should just talk about the day to day stuff that happens. So here goes...

This morning I woke up to my daughter trying to climb up on my bed, every morning she comes in my room and wants me to get her a cup of juice. Well last night I decided to just put a cup on her bed so that when she woke up she'd find it and not come wake me up at 7:00 am. Well it didn't work very well....she drank that whole cup and still came in my room wanting more at 7:00-it's like clock work with her. I swear that girl is a complete camel!!! So I changed her diaper and put her back to bed, well of course she ended up waking Konner-the joys of them sharing a room-so the two of them got up and started playing with their toys. Not a big deal since they are in their room and it gives me more time to sleep right? Wrong! They ended up coming out every few minuets asking for something so I finally just got up. I went in their room and discovered that one of Konner's stuffed animals had a hole, and Konner had figured out how fun it was to take the stuffing out of that hole and spread it all over his bed and floor. That wouldn't have been a big deal if the stuffing had been cotton but instead it was beady styrofoam that sticks to everything!!! It ended up taking him and I about 20 minuets to clean the whole mess up and at least it got me wide awake. Now i'm going to try to get the rest of my house work done since I got a fairly early start on the day....I know 8:00 isn't early to alot of people but for this preggo momma it's early!! haha!

Here are pictures of the kids now since I haven't posted in forever.

Here is Konner, ignore the red around his mouth, he started chewing on his lips when we took the passy away and we still haven't gotten him to stop!

And this is Lexi, she's so sinkin pretty!!!