Monday, November 8, 2010

Lexi's birthday

I posted Saturday that it was Lexi's birthday and talked all about my little girl turning 4. Well we had her party that afternoon, nothing fancy, just family but it was fun and she loved being in the spot light! Miss Pris just pranced around the whole time and ate up all the attention everyone gave her! :o)

I did make her cake again this year and it was quite a lot of work! I think it was actually more work than her cake last year! But I spent most of the week doing things for it when I could so that made it so much easier. She decided she wanted a Tinkerbell birthday so if course I made a Tinkerbell cake, although I just bought the toys to go on the cake. No way on earth was I going to try sculpting them!! haha! So anyways, I just had to post a few pics of the party. :o)

Here's the cake...

The birthday girl, not real sure why she looks like she's praying here! haha

And just a cute one of Logyn. :o)

Anyways, just had to post a few pics from the day. Now it's time to get ready for Logyn's birthday! :o)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

4 years ago

4 years ago today my beautiful Lexi was born. From the beginning I should have known she was all drama! I went to the hospital for 4 different false alarms. Everyone of those times I could have sworn was "it" and a couple of them almost were, until she changed her mind and decided she was good to stay put a little while longer! But when she was finally born, my life changed. I thought she'd be a lot like her brother...I couldn't have been more wrong! I thought she'd be a little like me...I was right. I thought since she was a girl i'd know more of what I was doing and parent her better...I was wrong! I thought she'd be her daddy's little girl...I was very, very right!

Colby and I had the hardest time agreeing on a name for her before she was born. Early on I suggested Alexis and he didn't like it, he then suggested Ferrari and I said "NO"!!! :o) Then I fell in love with the name Harmony, it just seemed so perfect to me but Colby wasn't having it. He had finally decided he liked Alexis, so we agreed on Alexis Harmony. Then of course he thought she should be called Ali, and I thought she should be called Lexi. Seriously, all the arguing and back and forth, should have given me a hint at what life with this child would be like! :o) We never did agree on if she would be Ali or Lexi, she was born and she was just, Lexi! Harmony would have been absolutely the wrong name for her, i'm hoping since it is her middle name she will learn it at some point during her life! She is every bit, Lexi.

I have talked before about how she is my little drama queen, she's strong willed and she can be very difficult when she wants and while all of those are true, they don't completely make her up. The main things that describe her are simply, daughter and sister. She is only 4 after all, there's not much more in her life than being a daughter and sister! :o) But wow, she carries both of those roles so well. On my side bar I describe her as "Best friend to Konner and keeper of Daddy's heart". That describes my Lexi! As much as her and Konner can drive each other crazy, they really are the best of friends. As for her daddy, I don't think anything in this world melts his heart like that little girl! She truly is blessed to be able to call him "daddy".

So today, we get to celebrate the day she came into our lives and filled a hole we didn't even know was there. I love you my sweet Lexi! I hope you never doubt that and always know how much you mean to me. You fill my heart, you drive me crazy, you make me laugh, you are simply you. Don't ever change that! Happy Birthday my Lexi girl!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Today is Monday. Normally I hate Mondays. The weekend is over and it's time to get back to the normal routine. Time to clean up the house after having taken some time off over the weekend. All in all, I just don't like Mondays. But, today has not been just any Monday. Today was a special Monday! Today I got to go eat lunch with Konner at school! His school is awesome about allowing parents and grandparents to come up for lunch or just during the day at any time to visit. So far I hadn't had the opportunity to go yet, it's kinda hard finding something to do with the girls while i'm gone for about an hour. But my mom offered to come watch the girls for me today so I could go up there with him.

I stopped and got him lunch which was really special because he normally eats the school lunches. But of course that made me run a few minuets late. *eye roll at myself for not leaving with more time!* I got there about 2 minuets late and the poor guy was already worried I wasn't coming! It broke my heart! I very rarely am not able to follow through on something I tell the kids i'm doing so i'm not sure why he thought I wouldn't be there. But the relief on his face when I walked in just about made me cry! *Yes, I am a very emotional person! :o)* So we sat down with several of his friends and had a great time eating and talking about his day. Of course the kids quickly moved on to talking about God vs. Incredible Hulk since they all said they had learned absolutely nothing all day! :o)

Then we went outside for recess and he showed me all around. We did the hula-hoops, basket ball, races and then just all the other little stuff they have. There were a bunch of kids out there and he was obviously friends with a lot of them. They all came up and asked who I was and talked to us and followed us around. It was so cute!

While I was watching him run around the play yard, race with his friends, and do all the other things he did, all I could think was "Take a mental picture!" I know it sounds silly to make such a big deal out of watching my son at recess but to me, it was huge. I know that the days of him being my five year old little boy are almost gone. The days of him turning to smile at me and make sure I see every basket he makes, they won't last forever. There will come a day when one of his friends asks who I am and he doesn't answer with such pride! haha I'm sure 10 years from now, my coming up to eat lunch with him won't be something he looks forward to for days. I want to do everything I can to hold on to these times. I want to remember every smile, every look, every single "That's my mommy!" because once again i'm reminded that these times go by all too soon.

There's an old saying, "A daughter's a daughter for life. A son is a son until he takes a wife." I remember looking at Konner just moments after he was born and I was reminded of that saying. One of my first thoughts was "18 years. I only have you all to myself for 18 years." That 18 has now moved to 13. All too soon it will be 12, and before I know it those 18 years will be gone.

So while my making a big deal out of something like going up to eat lunch with him might seem silly to some, to me, i'm simply making the most out of every single opportunity. Because I know that very very soon, these opportunities will be gone. But for now, my little boy still loves to be my little boy. So i'll take advantage of every single moment that I can and store up as many mental pictures as possible!