Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What to talk about

I have sat down so many times to try and post, but every single time my mind has been running in a thousand directions. So far I haven't been able to actually focus on a single topic so I just haven't posted. I've gone from wanting to talk about just every day stuff, to more serious specific topics. So for now I just decided to go with a general update and save the specific topics for another post.

Konner is now in his third month of school and he's doing amazing! The first month was very hard. He would go and have a great day, but at the end of the day when it was time to go home he would tell me every day how much he didn't like school and really didn't want to go back. I think it was very very hard for him to get used to being gone all day every day. But starting out I knew we needed to give it a full month before looking into it deeper and sure enough, that's exactly what it took. Almost 1 month to the day was all all it took! He now absolutely loves school and is always so excited to go, he has such a great time and is really enjoying learning everything. He is reading now too which is just such a proud thing for a parent to see! I talked to his teacher-who is absolutely amazing-a few weeks ago to see if he was behind at all. This school actually starts in all day Pre-K and he hadn't gone last year so I was worried that he would be behind most of the other kids. But she said he's not behind at all and learns things and picks up on things very quickly. I had to tell her that he gets all of that from his dad! :o) That's one thing I absolutely can not take any credit for! But that's just fine with me!

We are getting ready for Lexi's 4th birthday in just over a week. I can't believe she's already going to be four! Every birthday just seems so weird to me. I don't exactly remember allowing my children to grow up! I know that they're not exactly grown yet but everyday they just get closer and closer, doesn't get any easier to watch either! Lexi is doing great though, her and Logyn are getting super close now that they're getting so much time together while Konner is in school. We are still, yes STILL, working on potty training that girl! Such a weird and hard thing to admit as a mother! We have been working hard on this for over a year and are starting to get closer to it. She is finally out of pull-ups on a regular basis, now mostly just for naps and bedtime but accidents are still a fairly common thing. I know, a lot of people say to never even use pull-ups and maybe that's something we should have done to begin with. But I will say, after cleaning up so many accidents, those things were a life saver! Lexi is a very strong willed little girl and I honestly think that's why it is taking her so long to get trained. She has such a hard time doing anything that she doesn't want to do or doesn't care about doing and that's been the biggest problem. But I do think we are getting close and she is for the most part trained. I will however hold the fact that she wasn't trained till she was 4 over her head for the rest of her life! My payment for changing so many diapers and pull-ups!!! :o)

Logyn...what can I possible say about my Logyn that hasn't been said. She isn't even 2 after all so there couldn't possibly be much to say about her right? Not hardly! That little girl absolutely completes our family! She is the perfect mix of her brother and sister and yet somehow is absolutely her own person with her very own personality. Colby and I have talked quite a lot about before she was born. I had felt for quite sometime like someone was missing. It was so hard to explain because it wasn't like someone had been there and left so to a point it just didn't make any sense. Plus Colby didn't feel it at all! We had a little boy and a little girl, all we needed was a golden retriever and we'd be the perfect american family! But for over a year I absolutely knew someone was missing. I never thought Colby would ever change his mind about having another baby and I tried and prayed so hard to be ok with that. Colby did end up changing his mind and we have been so blessed every day since she was born-although Colby has admitted to having some doubts the first night home with her when she kept us up till 4am screaming! :o) She is just such an amazing kid and brings out the best in all of us...most of the time. Konner's not too fond of her when she's stealing his sun glasses, and Lexi isn't thrilled when Logyn eats her food when she's not looking! But other than those times, she's amazing!

All in all, I love my little family. There are times they drive me absolutely crazy, and they may be young but they can fight with the best of them! But I really can't picture not having the three of them running around here. It seems like life would be so dull and somewhat pointless without them. I am so thankful to be their mother and to have the wonderfully challenging job of raising them!

I guess i'll stop here, it's gone from an update to sappy so that's always a good time to stop! :o) Wonder what i'll talk about next time...