Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Goodness, it's hard to believe that it's been about two weeks since i've been on here! I have been very busy around here with Christmas, family gatherings and just enjoying my kiddos while they were out on Christmas break. We've had so much fun sleeping in, watching movies, playing together and finishing out our break with a tent/movie day. I've caught up on some much needed rest and been able to take some time to just slow down and relax which has been absolutely wonderful! However, today throws us back into reality and into the busyness that is our normal life. Not only that but a few things have been added to our "normal" that I wanted to share with all of you!

A little over a year ago I felt that God had something in mind for my blog, I had been writing on it for a couple of years just off and on, mostly about the daily nothings that happened in our house (which were really of no interest to anyone but me!). But I began to feel a stirring that He had something more in mind for my writing and for me. I just had no idea what it was. So I prayed about it for a few months and then began my "mini-series" on marriage in April of last year. I thought I would write for a couple of weeks and then move on. I had absolutely no idea that it would be something i'd write about 3 times a week for the next eight months, or that I would go from about 10 to 150 followers in that time!

Once I started writing in April, I began to have another thought stirring in my heart and began to pray about an area of ministry that I felt God was pulling my husband and I towards, and that was a ministry for newlyweds. I prayed for the next few months, talked with my husband and a close friend and finally decided to go to the leaders in our church with the idea. With all that being said....My husband and I will be starting our new group, Solid, next week at our church for couples married 5 years or less! Not only that, but a friend and I will begin leading a women's bible study on the book of James which starts in just a few weeks.

All that back story is just to say that, I am going to be cutting back my time here a bit. I am going to go from writing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to just writing on Mondays. I absolutely LOVE writing on here and just can't give up on it but I know that if I try to continue with my three times a week not only will my time with my family suffer but my writing will suffer as well. There are some ladies that can home school multiple children, lead bible studies and write every day. I am simply not one of them.

So please bare with me as my writing cuts back and continue checking in here each week. Or if it would be easier for you, feel free to simply subscribe to my blog, that way each new post will be emailed directly to your inbox and you won't have to check in to see when i've written (if you do this, be sure to check your spam folder for your conformation email if it doesn't show up in your inbox instantly).

Oh and one other thing...would you all pray for my husband and I as we start this group? And for the group itself, that God would accomplish exactly what He wants in each of our evenings together? Thank you all so much. Love y'all to pieces!! :o)

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