Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This has really been a pretty good day, nothing major exciting has happened and all in all things have gone really smoothly. I love days like this, nothing to exciting going on and I get the chance to catch up on things around the house and spend time enjoying the kids! I spent about 45 min today cleaning the house and was actually able to get everything done...I do still have to go back and re-clean the kitchen after dinner tonight and I have some laundry to do but honestly that's not bad. I think it's pretty go to be able to clean the whole house in about 45 minuets-can you tell i'm a little proud of myself?!? haha!

I'm also really excited about diner tonight! We're having beef stew and cornbread and it sounds so so yummy...although we won't be eating for another 3 hours. It's days like today that I love being a stay at home mom, I love spending time doing things around the house and doing things for the kids-although getting 100 cups of juice every day can get a little old. :o)

Colby's grandparents came over today to see the kids, they live about an hour away so they don't get to see them very often. Both of them have grown so much since the last time they saw them so i'm sure they enjoyed the visit. They kept talking about Konner and how much energy he has, poor thing I think he was making them tired just watching him! haha He is one active kid that's for sure. I don't think I could've kept up with him if i'd been any older when I had him! :o) He's super sweet though, there's not a person that knows him that doesn't just love his little personality. Miss Lexi is following his footsteps too, she's got her own little personality but always tries to keep up with brother-poor thing, some days that's really hard to do.

Anyways, I guess I better get to that laundry I was talking about...

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