Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Overall update

I haven't been on here in a while-I think I start out most bloggs this way! A lot has been going on around here, first of all our computer broke down for a few weeks so that was loads of fun. Lucky for me Colby knows how to fix computer stuff so he had it up and running a lot sooner than I was expecting. Then i've just been busy with the kids and baby stuff so I haven't taken the time to sit and blog.

Ok baby stuff first....everything looks great so far! We had a sonogram done about 2 weeks ago and everything looked good, all the bones are the right size, the spine looks good all that stuff. The baby weighed 1lb 1oz which is a good size and the heartbeat was I think 147 so that was awesome. They also did a 3-D sono so that was super cool-when my scanner is working again i'll put some up. They printed off tons of pics for us to keep and even gave each of the kids their own picture...Konner loved looking at his picture of "baby Logan"! It was so cute!

I'm doing good so far, I actually feel really great...I don't even feel pregnant most of the time. Then of course baby starts kicking and I remember very quickly! haha I'm starting to get up off the floor a lot slower and I can't reach down to pick stuff up off the floor as easy but that's ok. I've also started to do a bit of waddling! It feels like i'm starting that super early but i'm not doing it very bad, just a little here and there after a long day. So far I haven't gained much weight...actually I haven't really gained any so far. At the start of my pregnancy I lost about 10-15 lbs so i'm slowly gaining that back. At my last doctor's apt I still had I think 7lbs to gain to be up to pre-preg weight, but we'll see at my apt tomorrow just how close I am to pre-preg weight now! haha

The kids are doing great as always! Konner is the most entertaining little boy in the world!! We got him a batman mask at the store a few weeks ago and most of each day you'll find him wearing it...along with his huge incredible hulk gloves and purple cape! He makes quite the super hero! haha He and I are slowly starting to work on school now, he knows most of his abc's and all the shape's and colors...all the basic stuff. I think we're going to get some pre-K books and start working on some of the other stuff...math and reading...all that good stuff.

Lexi...she is growing so fast! I can't believe her birthday is in a month! It's so hard to believe I have 2 toddlers running around my house! She is growing so fast and talking like crazy, she'll repeat just about anything you-or Konner-say to her. But it's fun cause she still has her own language that gets thrown in there quite often. haha! I'm really excited about her birthday party...we're having it at Mr Gatti's which is the kids favorite place to go. I think we've decided on a 101 Dalmations theme, now we just have to decide what gifts to get her. I always have to watch Colby around birthday's and christmas, he can go a little crazy with the gift-giving! Luckily I don't think we are going to get her pony stuff this time-we'll see if Colby can actually stick to that though. The poor girl has so many stinkin pony's!!! :o) But she does love them so that's a good thing...either way i'm super excited!

As for Colby, he's doing great! His job just seems to be getting better and better, he is doing so well there and it's wonderful because it's a job he absolutely loves which just makes all the difference in the world!!! Starting Saturday he begins his week of vacation!! I'm really excited, he'll have a total of 9 days off to hang out with me and the kids! This will be our first "vacation" time so i'm really looking forward to it. All we really have planned is a bunch of stuff around the house, we're going to clean out the garage-yikes!-mow the lawn, do odd jobs around the house...all that good stuff. But it'll be fun because it gives us a chance to actually get this things done. I think we've been needing to clean out the garage for about a year now?! haha Either way i'm looking forward to it.

Well now that i've written a book :o) I guess i'll get some more stuff done around here, Colby will be off in about an hour and I still have a few things to get done before I can just relax for the evening.

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