Monday, January 26, 2009

Logyn Audrey...

Last Monday at 11:06am Colby and I welcomed our beautiful little girl into this world. She's now been here for 1 week and I can't imagine our family without her! Gosh how to even begin....

Last Sunday I stayed home from church because it was my due date and I was just feeling tired and kinda run down. I ended up having contractions off and on all day but that really wasn't a big deal because i'd been having contractions for weeks. So we went all day with nothing happening and I was honestly a little disappointed, I was really ready to meet the little person that had been living inside me and also find out if we were having a boy or girl. Anyways that night after we put the kids to bed I got the urge to scrub my living room at 9:30 at night I was on my hands and knees with a bucket of cleaner scrubbing my floor! :o) Nothing like the pregnancy urges! haha!

So finally Colby and I went to bed around 10:30ish and I figured i'd have another long day ahead of me. Well at 3:30am I woke up with a contraction, again I didn't think much of it because i'd been having them for weeks so I just tried to go back to sleep. Then 9 minuets later I had another one...and 9 minuets after that I had another one. SO finally I got out of bed and on the computer and then I started having a contraction every 7 minuets. After about 6-7 contractions I woke Colby up and told him that we just might be about to have this baby!! Then he suggested that I get up and walk around and see if that didn't increase my contractions...he was right! As soon as I got up my contractions went from 7 minuets apart to 4 minuets apart and then to 2 minuets apart! So after about 30 minuets of that I called my mom and asked her to come stay with the kids because we had to go to the hospital!

Well she got to our house about 6:30ish and Colby and I finally got out of the house about 7:00. I was so worried that we were going to get to the hospital and they were going to tell us that it was just a false alarm and send us home. But thankfully that wasn't the case, when I got there I was dilated to a 5! I was so excited that it was finally time! So I called my friend Chelsea, we had decided that she was going to be in the room with us when we had the baby, and we called our family and let them know that we were actually going to have this baby.

Chelsea got to the hospital about 9:00 and her and Colby and I just kinda hung out in the room for awhile. My contractions were still 2-4 minuets apart and staying pretty steady so in between contractions we would all just talk and laugh and pretty much just hang out. :o) Then about 10:30 I asked the nurse to come check me because I was starting to feel pressure-which is a huge sign that things are moving along-so she did and I was dilated to an 8! So she left to go call my doctor, because he was still at his office, and to start getting everything ready. Well about 15 minuets later my contractions got STRONG and I started needing to push. Colby had Chelsea page the nurse and she came in and instantly called for some help because I was having this baby! So all these nurses came rushing in and a doctor who's name I still don't know and they started telling me to not push! YEAH RIGHT! :o) For about 15-20 minuets I think, I pushed and screamed-it hurt really bad!-and then finally at 11:06 Logyn was born! She was very healthy and super chunky and started crying right away.

I'm still amazed that it's all over honestly! I thought and prayed and planned for that moment for months and suddenly it was there and now it's gone. I was so blessed because I was actually able to go drug free, I had prayed about that and planned for that for a long time but honestly didn't think i'd be able to do it when it came right down to it. But God was awesome and helped me through it. Plus having Colby and Chelsea in there was a HUGE help! I've told him several times that I couldn't have done it without them in there talking me through it and encouraging me through each contraction. All in all the whole experience was amazing and I really can't imagine it going better.

Now we've all been home for almost a week and we're starting to get into a routine-slowly but surly!! The kids adore Logyn and couldn't be better with her, although Konner does love to pinch her cheeks which I guess I can't blame him...they are super chunky!! Anyways I just wanted to take a minuet and share my 3rd and final birthing experience because it was a pretty amazing thing!

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