Wednesday, January 7, 2009

11 Days!!!

Well it looks like we're in the final stretch of this pregnancy, I only have 11 days till my due date!! I so can't believe it's already here and we're actually about to meet this little one. I don't know why but it really feels like I should have another couple months before i'm due. I think it might be because the first half of my pregnancy I didn't feel pregnant at all, in fact until I started feeling the baby move I worried that I wasn't really pregnant. I kept getting scared when we'd go to my doctor's apt that there wouldn't end up being a heartbeat...I had no real reason for my fear-then again that's the case with a lot of fear-but it was there just the same. Then once I was able to start feeling movement that was the only pregnancy "feeling" I had really. Everyone would ask how I was feeling and if I was doing ok and i'd kinda laughingly say "Yeah I feel great, I don't hardly even feel pregnant." So i'm guessing that's why it doesn't feel like it should be over yet.

With both Konner and Lexi I felt pregnant very early on, especially with Konner. I guess since he was my first I was able to pick up on the changes I was going through more. I actually found out with him when I was only 3 weeks! It did make for a long pregnancy the time it was over I felt like i'd been pregnant for forever!! haha! So I am glad that this one hasn't been like that, that's been very nice.

Konner is SOO ready for the baby to get here though, poor guy he does feel like i've been pregnant forever. He's been asking about baby Logan for months and we kept saying that a little while after Christmas the baby would be here but now Christmas has been over and the baby's still not here! He's going a little crazy with the whole waiting thing I think. :o)

I starting nesting REALLY bad this last Friday so that was fun. Colby was going out of town so I needed to iron his clothes but I couldn't find the when I went to look in the closet with the ironing board I got this sudden burst of energy and ended up cleaning out the whole closet-I did find the starch though! Then I moved on to the other hall closet, then cleaned out the kids room-got rid of 2 big trash bags of toys!! They now each have 1 toy box and then a few other things that don't go in their toy boxes. I did all this plus my normal house work of 2 loads of laundry, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, plus other odds and ends throughout the day all on Friday. Then on Saturday Colby and I deep cleaned our room, I cleaned out my closet-got rid of a huge bag of clothes and even a bag of shoes! Things had gotten super crazy in our room so it needing cleaning pretty bad, I don't know why our room is always the last one to get my attention. Plus we got everything all set up for the baby since he/she'll be in our room for awhile, nothing like waiting till the last minuet to get these things done!!

So now my house has had a good deep cleaning and it feels wonderful! I think I worked harder those 2 days than i've worked in a long time. I still have no idea where all the energy came from but it did give Colby a good laugh...and my mom, and my sister! haha! At least i'm good for a laugh as well as getting things cleaned! :o)It's awesome though, yesterday I did a total of maybe an hours worth of cleaning all through out the day and yet things still looked great! I love having the house that clean. I'm trying to keep things so that once the baby comes it won't be hard to keep things in order and so far I think i've gotten it pretty well covered. We got rid of so much clutter-it's amazing how much junk you can gather if you let yourself!!

Colby left on Sunday for his photography conference and thank goodness he comes home tonight!!! It's crazy how much the kids and I depend on him for our sanity!! haha! I think what i've missed the most since he's been gone has been our evenings. We always put the kids to bed around 9 and then we stay up till 10 or 11ish just talking or watching tv and just having our time together. The kids of course are missing him like crazy too! They haven't seen him since Saturday night, we had them stay with some friends since we had to be at the airport at 6ish on Sunday. They would not have been pleasant that early in the morning!!! haha!

Of course we made the mistake of telling Konner that baby Logan would come soon after daddy got home, so now he thinks that as soon as daddy gets home it's time for baby Logan to come! :o) Poor guy is never going to believe anything we say again!! haha! I'm just so thankful that the baby hasn't come while Colby was gone, that was something that we've been praying about since he signed up for this conference back in October!

I do see my doctor tomorrow so we'll see if i'm getting close to actually having this baby sometime soon. Last week i'd started dilating so with all my cleaning i'm curious to know if i've gotten any further. Most likely this little one will stay nice and snug for awhile but i'm hoping not too long...i'm getting just as anxious as Konner!! :o)

Ok now i've rambled on and on and I still have work to do around here so I guess i'd better stop for now. I don't know if i'll have a chance to blog again before the baby comes. I guess we'll just have to see how long that'll my next one may be telling all about meeting this little one!!! :o)

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