Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crazy busy!

That's why it's been so long since my last post...things have just been crazy busy!! We've started doing regular school work with Konner and Lexi is even joining in and doing her own school, i've created and started having a regular schedule that we stick to most days, and on top of that i'm keeping up with 3 kids now! That alone makes me busy! haha!

Logyn is 2 months old today and just doing awesome! She's so much easier than Lexi was as a baby, not quite as easy as Konner was-then again he was pretty much dead to the world for the first 6 months! She's started smiling a lot which is so much fun and Konner and Lex will sit and talk to her forever trying to get her to smile at them. They still adore her which is so great, I was really worried about how they would handle her, especially Lexi, but they both love her. I'm having just a hard time believing it's already been 2 months, it so feels more like 2 weeks, the time is just flying by!

Colby's job is still going good, they're starting senior season-senior's in high school not elderly senior ;o)-so he's busy with that. Senior's are his specialty so he usually stays pretty busy during this time. I'm so glad he has a job that he loves, it has made such a difference for him and for us! He's been doing the digital artist job for the last few months-I guess all that playing around on photoshop he used to do actually paid off. But they did just hire someone else for that so he can go back to just being a photographer there which is nice, now he won't have to stay as late as often.

Things at church are going great! We just finished studying Faith vs Fear these last few weeks and so much has changed for me! I didn't even realize how much i'm affecting things just by being afraid of so much! I always joke around with Colby that i'm scared of everything but honestly it's not a joke, i'm afraid of so much and this teaching has shown me how much that fear is affecting my life! Now i'm working really hard on being a person of faith and not of fear, it's taking a lot of effort because i'm having to retrain my speech and speak my faith and not my fear. I love our church because i'm always learning new things like this, stuff that I know in my head but i'm learning how to apply them in my life. It's so great that i've been a christian for so many years but i'm still able to learn new things so often and find new ways to grow in Christ.

I think that's the awesome thing about christianity, i'll never have it all figured out. To some people that might be overwhelming or discouraging but for me I actually find it comforting. I think it's comforting because I don't ever have to feel bad that I don't know enough or that i'm not learning fast enough. It's awesome knowing that God is so personal that He teaches me on my level and comes to where i'm at and works with me on my flaws without me having to try to keep up with where anyone else is at. I've spent so much time trying to get things just right and be who other's thought I should be whether it was in my christian walk or just as a woman and i'm coming to realize that it doesn't matter where people think I should be, what matters is that I work on getting where God wants me to be. Now granted i'm still trying to get there and i'm still trying to figure out exactly what i'm supposed to be doing but God is so patient with me and I love knowing that.

I'm not sure exactly how I got off on all that, once I get going my mind just goes in a 100 different directions! I guess that's ok, it can get kinda boring if all I ever talk about are the kids!! :o)

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