Saturday, March 28, 2009

It snowed!!!

Yesterday we got more snow than we've had all winter!! It looks so beautiful outside today with the sun shinning off the snow. Konner finally got to wear his snow boots that he got forever ago so he was thrilled! Lexi however wasn't quite sure about the whole thing, she's my little miss priss so she wanted to watch it from inside only!! They stayed the night at my moms last night and the first thing they did when they got there was get a big bowl of snow and sit down to a snack of snow on ritz crackers!! We used to eat tons of those when it would finally snow enough to get a bowl of clean snow and it was so much fun watching my kids enjoy the same goofy snacks that I did as a kid.

They are growing up so fast and sometimes it's hard to believe it really. Konner came up to me a few days ago and said his first bible verse! He watches a Hillsongs Kids dvd all the time and in between the songs they come on and say a verse and he picked it up from there. It's so cute though because he even says it with an Australian accent!! Then just after he said it Lexi even came up and said it, it was a little more slurred than Konner's was but she knew most of it! The verse was Ephesians 3:18 "And may you have the power as all God's people should to understand how wide, how long, how high and how deep His love is." It's so great hearing them say it and knowing that even if they don't quite understand what it means those seeds have been planted in their little hearts!

Every day i'm learning more and more about God's love just from watching my kids. They are so forgiving and understanding and it just blows my mind sometimes. When someone does something to make me mad I sometimes have a hard time getting over it even after they've asked for forgiveness. But the kids are so quick to forgive, oftentimes even before forgiveness has even been asked for! That's something that I want so much for them to keep hold of! I really have to watch myself with them though because it's so easy to get into myself and forget that I have 3 little pairs of eyes watching every thing I do and say. Our pastor's wife says "Everything you see in your kids you either put there or allowed it to be there" and that's so true!! I have a tendency to get angry easily and that's my daily battle, but I never really saw it in me before I saw it coming out of Konner. I remember wondering where his anger came from, I mean he's just a little boy why does he get so mad so easily? Then like a slap in the face I remember it hitting me exactly where it came from. He was watching me and since it was ok for me to act that way he thought it was ok for him to act that way.

Now of course he's slowly learning that it's not ok for him to act that way but i'm having to be very careful about getting my anger under control and not just telling him what do do but actually letting him see me doing the same thing. Pastor Connie also said that teenagers are simply kids who stop doing what you say and start doing what you do. So right now if he doesn't get his anger under control I can simply tell him to not act like that and expect him to mind me but once he's a teen that won't work anymore. I have to get it under control in myself before I can ever expect him to.

This parenting stuff is a lot of work!! :o) haha! I'm finding out that old song is so true "Oh be careful little eyes what you see" only now it's not just God who sees what I do, it's my kids. I'm responsible for how my 3 beautiful children turn out and that's so scary and challenging and yet so wonderful all at the same time. With God's help Colby and I can raise world changers and that's an awesome thing!! I love going to a church that teaches us and our kids how live day to day so that one day they can be those world changers! So often I feel like my job is worthless, I mean all I do is clean my house, refill juice cups, wipe noses, find toys and 100 other seemingly mundane things. But in reality what I do is so much more than that! I'm teaching my children how to live life day to day and keep God in the center. When they're sick i'm teaching them that Jesus is the healer by praying for them. When they're sad i'm teaching them that Jesus is our joy by turning on their praise dvd's and dancing with them. When they need comfort i'm teaching them that Jesus is their comfort by holding them and loving them. When they're afraid i'm teaching them that God is always with them and there's nothing to fear by reminding them how HUGE God is and how much He loves them.

Day in and day out it's mine and Colby job to make sure that when those kids are grown they are not only equipped to live life and face this world but to do that while relying on God to be their strength and guide them day by day. That's why it's so important for us to make sure that WE are living life relying on God day by day because if they don't see us doing it how can we ever expect them to do it?

I'm not exactly sure how I went from talking about the snow to all this but I guess that's just how my mind works sometimes! :o)

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