Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just an update

I haven't posted a basic update in a while so since I have a few minutes till the kids get home I thought i'd do just that!

This are going really good right now which is awesome! Colby's job is still going good, he's had a bit of a rough patch there but things are starting to turn around. It's senior season so it's been just plain crazy anyways, he is looking forward to June though because things will start to relax a bit more.

The kids are doing great, growing like weeds!!! Konner gets more active every day which is so hard to believe but very true. He is the wildest and sweetest little boy in the world! But he's so curious about everything, if he doesn't know what's going on he won't stop until he finds out! He's memorizing bible verses now which is so fun, he loves to say them to anyone who will listen which is so cute!

Lexi is 2 1/2 now and so much like her brother, she definitely manages to keep up with him and hold her own which is such a talent!! She's been fighting a UTI for the last few weeks which is sooo not fun. But thank goodness for Eat Rite, they knew exactly what vitamins she needed and so far we've been able to keep her off antibiotics which is awesome! She's has become such a little girl though, she's in love with dresses and loves to prance around once her hair's all fixed. She comes up and asks "How do I look?" and she'll wait for the answer she wants whether it's pretty, cute or beautiful! I tell Colby all the time that if she keeps this up she won't have low self esteem problems at all!! haha!

Logyn is 3 months old now which is so hard to believe!!! She's so much fun though and the kids are still all over her all the time. She's rolling over now and smiling all the time. She actually laughed for the first time last night which is so cute! She's just like Lexi was though and so ready to be big! You can tell she wants to go and do already which is fun and yet sad at the same time, since she's my last baby a part of me wants her to stay a baby. But I do have to admit that I can't wait for her to big enough to play with Konner and Lex, of course once that day comes i'll be out of my mind busy chasing after them so i'm trying to enjoy this time as much as I can!

I having actually gotten a small part time job through Colby's work, they make baby books and have asked me to start making them for them. It will only be an extra $60 or so a week but that's our grocery bill so sounds good to me! It's pretty cool though because it's basically digital scrapbooking which sounds awesome and right up my alley. So i'm pretty excited about that, it'll allow me more time to play on the computer and not feel bad for it! :o)

I guess that's all really, see this is why i'm so bad at doing just basic updates...there's rarely anything new to update! haha! Oh well, at least it's fun...

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