Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another post so soon?

I can't believe i'm getting the chance to post again so soon! It's not going to be another month and a half before i'm back! :o) I don't really have much to chat about so this may be a bit scatter-brained but since I have the chance I thought i'd take it...

I can't believe Christmas is a week from tomorrow!!! It's crazy how fast it snuck up on me this year. We still have so much to do though and i'm trying to not get overwhelmed with all of it. We're making pretty much all the gifts for everyone other than the kids and I still have quite a bit to do on all that, plus we haven't even started shopping for the kids yet! Yes, we will be some of those crazy people out next week trying to get everything at the last minute! But thankfully we don't go crazy on gifts for them, they each get 3 gifts and their stocking. For the 3 gifts they get something they want, something they need and something to read. And for their stocking they get things like fruit snacks, socks and underwear-old family joke in my house-and then a few little toys. So I don't think we'll have a real hard time getting everything taken care least I hope not!

It's so funny to me how big Christmas gets once you're married, when I was growing up I wanted Christmas to last for a week at least but it always seemed to end so fast. Now it really does last for days and days since we have to go to each of our families for get-togethers. I think we have at least 5 functions we have to go to, we'll go to my mom's house, my dad's, Colby's parents and his family in Borger and then my friend Chelsea's house at some point so the kids can see their "Gigi"-she's an official yet unofficial grandmother to them. So now it really does last more than 1 day! :o)

The kids are loving the Christmas tree though and so far Logyn has really left it alone which totally surprised me. I just knew she'd mess with it constantly but she hasn't even noticed it really. We get a real tree now which is a new thing for me but it's one thing about Christmas that Colby really loves so i'm all for it! He's a bit of a scrooge about Christmas, he's better than when we first got together but he still has his moments. He wants to get the cartoon "Grinch" for the kids to watch, I swear, that's his theme song throughout the holidays. haha! But like I said, he's improving. :o)

Um lets see...can I think of anything else to talk about? See i'm actually trying to put off house work, that's the real reason behind me sitting here talking to myself! haha! But nope, I can't think of anything. Guess i'll have to actually get to it then... :o)

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