Thursday, April 8, 2010

More bows!

Ok, I admit it, making bows has become my new obsession!! I don't know why it has taken me this long to finally start making them but now that I have, I do it all.the.time! I actually got my first order this week too! A girl in our church wanted some, she's 16 and her mom said she is trying to bring the 80's back! :o) So it was a bit of a challenge to make these, I didn't want them to be too "little girly" since she is 16 but they are hair bows so they need a touch of girly. Like I said, it was a bit of a challenge but in the end she seemed to like them which is of course what matters most! :o) So here they are...

I made two of this one for her, she has a school event this weekend so these were for that. They are both 5" bows and turned out super cute!

These were all just for fun and I believe they are all 5" bows as well, except for the last one, it is a 4".

So now that i've made my first order i'm back to making for the girls again. I made these for the girls easter dresses. Would you believe we didn't get any pics of them in their dresses? They had matching dresses and bows and my photographer husband didn't get any pictures of them! We're bad parents! :o) We have decided we'll have to go up to Colby's work and take some photographs of them in their easter clothes because they just looked too dang cute! Anyways, here's their easter bows. This one was Lexi's...

And this was Logyn's...

These I made just for fun, I even made 2 of each of them for pigtails! :o)

And this one I made just for fun, I don't really know of much that Lexi has to match it but I got the idea for it and it ended up looking so cute! So eventually i'll have to find something that matches it just for the simple fact that it's cute! :o)

Ok, i'll stop for now...and I promise to blog about something other than bows next time! Cards maybe... :o)

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