Saturday, November 6, 2010

4 years ago

4 years ago today my beautiful Lexi was born. From the beginning I should have known she was all drama! I went to the hospital for 4 different false alarms. Everyone of those times I could have sworn was "it" and a couple of them almost were, until she changed her mind and decided she was good to stay put a little while longer! But when she was finally born, my life changed. I thought she'd be a lot like her brother...I couldn't have been more wrong! I thought she'd be a little like me...I was right. I thought since she was a girl i'd know more of what I was doing and parent her better...I was wrong! I thought she'd be her daddy's little girl...I was very, very right!

Colby and I had the hardest time agreeing on a name for her before she was born. Early on I suggested Alexis and he didn't like it, he then suggested Ferrari and I said "NO"!!! :o) Then I fell in love with the name Harmony, it just seemed so perfect to me but Colby wasn't having it. He had finally decided he liked Alexis, so we agreed on Alexis Harmony. Then of course he thought she should be called Ali, and I thought she should be called Lexi. Seriously, all the arguing and back and forth, should have given me a hint at what life with this child would be like! :o) We never did agree on if she would be Ali or Lexi, she was born and she was just, Lexi! Harmony would have been absolutely the wrong name for her, i'm hoping since it is her middle name she will learn it at some point during her life! She is every bit, Lexi.

I have talked before about how she is my little drama queen, she's strong willed and she can be very difficult when she wants and while all of those are true, they don't completely make her up. The main things that describe her are simply, daughter and sister. She is only 4 after all, there's not much more in her life than being a daughter and sister! :o) But wow, she carries both of those roles so well. On my side bar I describe her as "Best friend to Konner and keeper of Daddy's heart". That describes my Lexi! As much as her and Konner can drive each other crazy, they really are the best of friends. As for her daddy, I don't think anything in this world melts his heart like that little girl! She truly is blessed to be able to call him "daddy".

So today, we get to celebrate the day she came into our lives and filled a hole we didn't even know was there. I love you my sweet Lexi! I hope you never doubt that and always know how much you mean to me. You fill my heart, you drive me crazy, you make me laugh, you are simply you. Don't ever change that! Happy Birthday my Lexi girl!

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Anonymous said...

Precious princess Lexi - you bring joy to everyone who gets to meet you and your mommy and daddy love you to pieces. I hope you continue to become just like your mommy and continue to melt daddy's heart each and every day!

We love you!! - The Hanson's