Monday, October 13, 2008

It's finally cold!!!

I am so excited about the weather today!! Right now it is 45f and the high for today is only 54f! I am so excited that it's finally getting cold, it's felt like summer way to long. I'm just hoping that it'll last now. We didn't get near enough snow here last year so I want tons and tons this year, plus the kids will have a blast going out and playing in the snow this year.

Well Colby went back to work today, he'd been off for a total of 9 days so it is a little weird not having him here. Poor Lexi really didn't understand why daddy was leaving so she had a bit of a hard time when he left. Poor guy actually started getting sick on Saturday, he'd been fine all week but on his last real day off he got sick. As nice as it's been to have him home it'll be nice to get everything back into our routine. I haven't been this thrown off in my house work in a long now i'm going to have to work a little harder to get things going again. But it'll work out fine, I have a little extra laundry to do and a few deep cleaning jobs to get done but then I should be back to normal.

We actually didn't get any of our big cleaning jobs done while he was off though-I hate that!!! It ended up raining a lot last week so we didn't get to the lawn or the garage, I really have no idea when we'll actually get another chance to get those done. Colby's off again on Thursday so maybe he can get the lawn done and then we can clean out the garage on Sunday when the kids are gone. Who knows... :o)

On Thursday we went and played tennis with my dad again and this time Colby got to go with us so we got some pretty good pictures of Konner.We really had such a great time and Konner is getting really good. It's so funny though because he always has his mouth open when he goes to hit the ball-as you can see in those pics! He has such a great time though and I think my dad really enjoys it too. Lexi and I end up running around the courts picking up tennis balls most of the time so she has a good time too. Well I guess I better get to all that catch up house work that I Was talking about, enjoy the pics! :o)

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