Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Thanksgiving!!!

Gosh I love this time of year and this year I have so much to be thankful for!One of the main things of course is our new baby...only 8 more weeks till I get to meet this little one. Gosh I can't wait! Then some other things are Colby's amazing job, my 2 wonderful kids, mine and Colby's marriage, our church family, our's and the kids health...the list could just go on and on. I've always loved Thanksgiving...when I was I think 13 my grama started making me my own stuffing-since i'm such a picky eater :o)-and my mom has continued the tradition even though i'm grown. It's a small thing but every year makes me feel super special...i'm spoiled I know!! haha!

This thanksgiving is going to be so much fun though because my Uncle John and his family is coming to town for a few days! He is the favorite person in my family so when he comes to town the world kinda stops and we all hang out and eat non-stop till he leaves! :o) He is the one the got us all playing poker a few years ago and so every time he comes to town we end up staying up till all hours of the night playing poker, but i'm hoping this year we'll be able to play Apples to Apples too! The kids are even excited about him coming, the whole family kinda hypes it up! haha!

Last night Lexi found one of my 3-D sono pics of the baby and was instantly attached to it, it was the cutest thing! She finally for the first time said "Logan" and she was kissing the picture and talking to it and kept showing it to both Colby and I and making sure we saw "Baby Logan". This poor baby will probably forever be called "Baby Logan"! haha! It was just so cute because up until now she hasn't really cared about the baby it's all been Konner, she's just kinda been oblivious, so it was really neat. Colby even got a video of it in his phone...we're such dorks!! Konner's still just as excited as ever about the baby and keeps asking to make sure that the baby will be here after Christmas! He's so excited!

I still can't believe I only have 8 weeks left! I'm honestly a bit nervous about having 3 kids running around here...although Logan won't be running for a while-thank goodness! I'm so excited though and can't believe it's almost time. I talked with our children's director today and am going to finish out December in the nursery and then take a few months off so i'm excited about that. I'm also a bit nervous because Colby is going to a photography conference 2 weeks before my due date! He'll only be gone fore about 3 days but since it's so close to my due date i'm going to be taking it very easy while he's gone. I so don't want him to be gone when I have the baby, i'm planning on doing this one all natural so he and I have been going over all the different relaxation stuff and getting all ready for it. I'm sure I can still do it if he's gone but I really don't want to have to!

Well I did finally get copies of our family pics that we got done a few weeks ago so i'll put up the main ones we got. They turned out sooo great! I love that Colby is a photographer, we are able to get family pics done every year plus we can go take pics of the kids whenever we want. They grow so stinkin fast! I couldn't believe how grown up Konner looks in these pics, I mean I know he's almost 4 but he's still supposed to look like a baby right?!? haha! Anyways here's the pics...

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