Saturday, November 8, 2008

This week..

Gosh this has been a busy week! We had so much going on and i'm finally getting a chance to breath now that it's Saturday!

I had another doctor's apt this week, now that i'm 30 weeks pregnant i'm going every 2 weeks so that's tons of fun. Everything looks good for both me and the baby, my iron is a little low so i'm now taking iron pills but it's nothing really major. I am really ready for this little one to get here though, it's torture not knowing if we're having a boy or girl. I guess it was my bright idea though so I can't really complain. :o) It actually has been kinda cool and at least we can say we did it with one of the kids so that's kinda fun. Konner is ready for Logan to get here though, he's always talking about the baby coming and now he likes to sit and watch my stomach move. :o) It's so cute!

I'm so excited right now because it looks like it's supposed to snow this week! I absolutely love snow!! I love to stay in warm jammies all day and watch movies and drink hot chocolate on the first snow day of the's just one of my favorite things of the whole year! I pulled out my christmas music this week and the kids and I have been listening to it alot...poor Colby! He doesn't like it all that much but the kids and I so enjoy it so he puts up with it for us. :o)

We actually got our family pictures done this week too. Since Colby works at a photography studio we're able to get our family pics done every year plus we can actually send out christmas cards. The pics turned out so great!!! I'll have to post some once we get them but I was really excited that they turned out so good. I was a bit nervous becasue with me being 7 months preggo I didn't want to look huge in the pics but you actually can't even tell that i'm pregnant! They just came out so great!!!

Also Lexi's birthday was on Thursday, she is now officially 2 years old and talking like crazy. We had her party at Mr Gattis so that was so much fun. I'll put up some pics of it...everything went so well. She had to much fun opening her gifts and eating her cake but I think one of her favorite parts was when everyone sang "Happy birthday". She got the biggest smile on her face and absolutely loved it! Here's a few pics...

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