Monday, December 8, 2008

It's almost Christmas!!!

I can't believe christmas is in 2 weeks!!!! That's just crazy to me and honestly it almost doesn't feel like christmas since we haven't had any snow yet, although i'm hopping that changes in the next 24 hours like the weather guys are saying. We put up our tree last week and that was so much fun! The kids had a total blast hanging all the decorations on it and we actually got a real tree this year so that was fun going and picking out our tree and tying it to the top of my car.

This last Saturday we had our women's christmas tea and that was fun as always. That's always been one of my favorite chirstmas things at our church...every year the ladies do an amazing job decorating the tables. I think i'm gonna try to host a table again next year, I did one last year but just wasn't up to it this year. But as always I left there with ideas for several different tables so I guess we'll see if I actually do one next year.

We're also having our Glo service at church in 2's our electric christmas service which is just AWESOME!!!! I think we'll be at all 4 services this year too, of course i'll be working one of them but other than that we're planning on going to all of them. Last year was the first year we had the Glo service and it was so cool but this year is going to be 10 times better because the sanctuary is finished and the media guys are awesome!! I'm super excited about it if you can't tell! :o)

The kids are getting excited about christmas too, at least Konner is, Lexi really doesn't know what all's going on she just knows it's fun. haha! Of course Konner keeps reminding us that baby Logan is coming after christmas so that's fun. Colby is actually going out of town the first of Jan so i'll be single mom-ing it for a few days which i'm a little worried about. But he's given me strict orders to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing the whole time he's gone so that I don't go into labor early. :o) I really don't think that'll be an issue but I do plan on taking it easy just to be on the safe side.

I'm really excited that it's getting so close to my due date, I can't wait to find out if this little one is a boy or girl! I can't believe I was the one who wanted to wait and not find out!! haha! It's been fun to a point but I don't think i'd want to do it again that's for sure. I'm also getting more nervous the closer we get to the due date because i'm planning on going all natural-which I think i've mentioned before. But I do remember how much it hurt before I got the epidural so i'm just a bit nervous. Either way i'm really getting excited and can't wait to finally meet this little one.

I have one more doctor's apt next week and then I go to seeing him every week which just makes it even more real! But thankfully everything is looking good still, both of us seem to be doing great and i'm thrilled with my weight gain!!!! I've managed to keep it very minimal this time, i've only gained 7 lbs so far which is awesome since I lost 10 lbs the first trimester. That's so much different than what I gained with Konner but I did close to the same with Lexi so either way i'm thrilled. I won't have a ton of weight to lose after the baby's born...i'm still hoping to lose some but at least I won't have much extra baby weight to lose.

Anyways now i'm kinda rambling and I need to go get everything cleaned up-again-and ready for dinner...

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