Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking a break

Well i'm supposed to be cleaning but i'm so tired of cleaning so i'm taking a break to sit and relax for a bit. So far today i've cleaned the kitchen 3 times, washed 4 loads of laundry, cleaned and organized the kitchen counters, cleaned out and organized the fridge, cleaned off my desk, scrubbed the bathtub, toilet, and bathroom sink, deep cleaned the living room, cleaned our table-which had gotten very cluttered, and...I think that's it. I still need to...fold the laundry, deep clean my room-it's a DISASTER!-vacuum the house, change and wash all our bedding and sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom. But I think some of that will just have to wait till tomorrow, there's just not enough hours in my day. Oh and all that was on top of the normal housework, cooking breakfast and lunch, cleaning up the living room 500 times, and tending to the kids and all their messes! *sigh* I'm tired! :o) But thankfully Colby will be home soon and then we'll begin our evening which is always my favorite time of the day.

Tomorrow i'm making lasagna for the first time ever so i'm super excited about that, I made a huge batch of homemade spaghetti sauce last night-we of course had spaghetti for dinner-partly so I could make the lasagna tomorrow. We're having some friends over for dinner and i'm really excited because it will be a kid free evening! Their daughter will go to bed shortly after they get here and my mom will have my kids like she does every Friday night so we'll get to hang out and enjoy a grown-up evening! haha!

Next week will be so awesome! Colby is off 3 days so we're going to have so much fun doing absolutely nothing! :o) But Next Saturday Konner and Lexi are both in a friends wedding which I can't wait for. Konner's gonna wear a little suit and Lex has a really pretty dress, they're gonna be so cute! Of course i'm hoping my temperamental little drama queen cooperates with everything, 2 weeks ago she decided she wanted to wear her pj's for the wedding instead of her dress so we'll see how it all turns out. :o)

Well this whole post has been so scattered and random but that's just how my brain works most of the time. Time to go get dinner ready... :o)

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Mab said...

Lasagna sounds pretty good- think I'll make that as well. Some eggplant, squash, red sauce, noodle, and goat cheese....