Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year

So 2010 is over and 2011 has begun. Most people who have a blog i'm sure wrote something about the new year a few days ago, I of course i'm a little late in getting to it. :o) But better late than never right?!

I am personally not a huge fan of new year's resolutions, I have never made one that i've been able to follow so I simply stopped making them. That's not to say that I don't have things I want to do and change each new year. But somehow as long as I don't put "resolution" in front of it, it becomes reachable. Don't try to understand it. There is no logic to it. Just go with it.

So what are my goals for this year? First of all, I want to get healthy. I have decided I am going to start cooking healthier foods for our family. This will involve veggies. I hate almost all vegetables. I like green beans, corn, salad and tomatoes. That's it, list ends there. But you can't eat healthy unless you add some veggies to the mix so I guess that's what i'm going to have to do. By the way, if anyone has any good recipes feel free to share! :o) I also joined a gym! I have never in my life been a member of a gym or done any kind of work out regularly. I've gone walking with my friend before but that usually only lasts a few weeks before we get tired of it. But I am now an official member of a gym! My friend Chelsea and I went yesterday for the first time and are going again today. My plan is to go at least 3 times a week in the mornings before Konner goes to school. I have a goal weight that I want to be and i'm determined to not quit this time until I hit it. Surly with eating better and working out I can do it right?! Right! :o)

Second of all, I want to improve as a wife and mom. This is something I work on every single day (well, most every day!) but I want to work even harder at it. I think i'm going to try to set challenges for myself for each month. What these challenges will be, i'm not sure yet. But it's always good to challenge yourself and push yourself to grow and improve. So as I figure out what the challenges will be i'll come back and share.

Third of all, I want to defrump. Since i'm a stay at home mom it's so easy to simply throw on jeans and a tee shirt and call it good. But I want to get better about dressing nicer and fixing up more often. This morning I actually wore a dress to church for the first time in a long long time, actually can't remember the last time I wore a dress. A big part of it is I simply don't have dressy clothes so shopping will be involved in this challenge. Believe it or not that will be a challenge in itself. I love to shop but I always feel guilty buying myself things. However I'm going to get over it! I already started yesterday. Colby and I went out to get me some new tennis shoes for the gym and I ended up getting shoes, some work out clothes, a dress (that I wore this morning), a couple of tops and some pants. So i'm off to a pretty good start!

And lastly but most importantly, I want to grow spiritually. I'm looking for a good bible study to get into because I feel so thirsty for more of God. I want to go deeper this year than I ever have before. I want to look back a year from now and see such a different person. I want to love deeper, laugh harder and live more for Jesus than ever before.

So there you have it, those are my goals for the new year. Hopefully I can keep all of them and a year from now be a better, improved version of myself. Happy New Year everyone! :o)

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