Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some changes

Towards the end of April this year I changed things up on this blog and started focusing on marriage. That has been one of the best things I could have done! I've seen my blog grow, as well as been able to reach out to people with great information that my husband and I have been blessed with and i'm so glad I made the change and started writing about this. However, I feel it's time for some more changes...

I do not want this blog to be a place where I just come and rattle off all my thoughts and ideas about something. I want this to be a place full of solid and valuable information on topics that really matter to people.

I am going to continue talking about marriage (I still have many more things to discuss on that front) but I want to broaden my topics a bit. This is where all my wonderful readers come in! If you wouldn't mind, take a few minuets and think about some of the things you would like to read about here and leave me a comment with whatever it may be. I'm not promising that i'll be able to eloquently discuss everything on every persons mind but, I will do the very best I can (and if I can't figure something out i'll ask my hubby, he's a genius!).

Beginning Friday, July 1st I am going to tackle readers thoughts and questions every Friday. This can be about any topic on anyone's mind. If this does not generate any interest after the first month I will reevaluate the situation and go from there, otherwise this will be an ongoing thing every Friday for as long as you all are interested and still sending it topics and questions.

Also a quick reminder, you can follow my blog or subscribe to it an have each post delivered directly to your email so you never miss one. You can also email me at joinmeforcoffeeblog(at) Thank you all so much and i'm looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Anonymous said...

Sex is always a great topic. I love Christian blogs that are open and straight forward about sex, instead of treating it like some taboo subject Christians shouldn't even think about.

Jamie said...

Great topic! I have been planning on including this subject when discussing marriage so i'm not sure when i'll address this. It may be on a Friday, or I may just include it in my regular posting. Thank you for the suggestion and be sure to check back for my post on it! :)