Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The last few days

Well life is back to normal I guess. Colby's been off for the last 4 days so that was wonderful but it's always so hard to go back to normal days after that. This morning I woke up to Konner coming in the room to tell me he had pooped his pants-great start to the day! It's not all that bad though, i'm planning to spend the day cleaning the house, for some reason when Colby's off work I always fall behind on my house work! I don't really know why, we're home most of the day but it's just so hard to do house work when he's here. I guess I just want to enjoy our family time so I let it slide. So that's mostly what i'll be doing today, house work and laundry...loads of fun-no pun intended! ;o)

Some really great news though is we got to have a sonogram yesterday so I finally have a due date!! I'm due January 18th which means i'm 12 weeks pregnant!! I'm really excited! The nurse printed off a picture for Konner and Lexi both to have so that was really cool, although i'm not really sure Konner understood exactly what it was. He did say that it looked scary and the baby was going to cry! haha! I guess that is kinda true though, those can look kinda freaky! haha!

Also I got glasses last week, i'm still getting used to wearing them though. Konner doesn't like them very much, he's always telling me to take off my glasses so he can see my eyes! I'll have to have Colby take a picture of me in them so I can show everyone. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow so maybe after that i'll have him take a picture. Well I guess that's all, nothing major exciting...I guess i'll get to my house work now! :o)

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