Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nothing really new...

It's amazing that as a stay at home nothing new really happens! My days are pretty much the same...I don't really mind it but I do feel kinda silly blogging about the same thing all the time. That's pretty much why I don't blog every day, I have to wait until something interesting happens around here! haha! But honestly I kinda like my plain boring life, in a few years things the kids will be into all kinds of activities so I need to enjoy this time of staying around the house with nothing to do besides housework. We've already talked about looking into some kind of sports activity for Konner next year. That kid loves to run and play, I likes soccer and baseball and even tennis. Colby and I are a little worried about the whole sports thing because neither of us are really all that into sports. I guess we'll have to dive right in and learn as much as we can about whatever sport he decides he likes.

We did finally get some pics done so I can finally show ya'll what I look like with glasses!! I still feel like I look like a dork but I can see alot better and have much fewer headaches so it's worth it!

Here's a picture of me and Lexi-since I just put one of me and Konner I have to put one of me and Lexi!

I've been super busy with the baby shower i've been planning, i'm actually making some of the stuff for the shower so i've been busy with all that. It's really pretty fun getting all crafty! I'm not usually a crafty person aside from scrapbooking so i'm really excited with how well this is all going. I'll have to post pics of everything once i'm done with it all, and i'll have to wait until after the shower just in case the mommy-to-be reads this! ;o) Well I guess I better go get to my laundry, that stuff never ends!!!

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