Thursday, July 31, 2008

The joys of parenting

Well this has been an interesting last few days...we are having Vacation Bible School at our church this week and it's a Star Wars theme so we were super excited that Konner was getting to go-he absolutely loves Star Wars!! Well on Monday night he got scared in there so he ended up having to stay with me, then on Tuesday night he did great but Lexi got sick, then last night she was still sick, now tonight i'm sick and tomorrow is just a family fun night. So poor Konner only got to go to one night of Star Wars VBS. :o( I feel so bad for him since I know how much fun he would've had all week. But I guess there's always next won't be Star Wars but i'm sure he'll still have a great time.

My poor Lexi had such a hard time Tuesday evening and most of Wednesday, I don't know what exactly she got but it hit her pretty hard! So far we've been so blessed and she's hasn't been sick since she was about 6 mo old, so it was really hard to see her so sick. But thankfully it was only a 24 bug so she's doing great now...however she decided to pass it on to me! I haven't had it as bad as she did but it's still no fun! I haven't been sick in forever much less sick while taking care of 2 very active kiddos, but thankfully the kids are great and have made it really easy. I'm starting to get a little energy back and i'm not quite as queasy...I just couldn't handle sitting in my chair anymore!!!

There's so much I need to get done around here, all of the basic housework that just never seems ot end plus a bunch of little things that i'm always wanting to get done but never actually get to! haha! Also we are going to be starting on school work with Konner-I was actually supposed to start today but that didn't go very well. We got him the Hooked on Phonics Pre-K program and he's super excited to start doing his school work...hopefully that excitement will last awhile! It looks like it'll be alot of fun for him, plus it comes with computer games he can play so he'll LOVE that! I'm really excited about it...

My mom is going to have the kids again tomorrow night so that'll be very nice, but we aren't having our couples group since it's VBS family night so i'm not really sure what Colby and I will do. We really need to go grocery shopping so most likely that's what we'll spend the evening doing, and then maybe come home and watch a movie! Don't we sound like so much fun?!? haha! I do enjoy our evenings just the 2 of us, it's nice to get to talk and relax without having to get up 100 times to tell the kids to get back in bed. :o) But we don't have very many more Friday nights without any kids, as soon as this little one gets here he/she will be staying with us on Friday nights for quite awhile, but that's ok I don't mind.

I can't wait to have a newborn around again, but it will take some getting used to that's for sure. Right now Lexi seems so little to me but I know once the baby gets here she's going to look HUGE! I know that's how it was when she was born...I had never really thought of Konner as big but seeing him next to her was crazy. All-of-a-sudden he was a giant! haha! It's funny how that works. I can't wait, the first few months are always so fun and so challenging all at the same time.

Well Big Brother is about to start so I guess i'll go for now...yes I am a loser Big Brother fan! :o)

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