Friday, July 25, 2008

Looking back...

Gosh sometimes I still get amazed at how fast time goes by...Wednesday Colby and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. On our way to dinner I told him it felt like yesterday we were dropping the kids off at my moms house to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and here it is, already a year later. So many things have changed, and then again not so much-if that makes any sense. We had such a good time on our date, we went to dinner at BL Bistro-which by the way is the best restaurant in town!!!-and then went to see Get Smart. That was kinda funny because we were the only people in the theater at first but right as the movie started another couple came in.

I still love the fact that I love to date my husband! I know that 4 years doesn't seem like that long to alot of people but when I see how many marriages don't even make it to the 4th anniversary I see that it is something to be proud of. I like looking back over the few years that Colby and I have been together and thinking about everything we've made it through-and even the things we almost didn't make it through. It helps me remember what we've come through and even what we still have to go through. I think about our first year of marriage and how hard it really was, and how hard Satan was working to make it so we didn't get to our 2nd anniversary. But that only reminds me how awesome God is and how faithful He is to meet us right where we are. He picks us up in the middle of the mess we've made of things and teaches us once again how to stand on, and lean on Him for everything.

Looking back we had so much to learn when we first got married-which isn't surprising considering we were only 18!! Gosh, it's so funny to look back and see how little I knew about being a wife!! :o) It's what i'd always wanted to do but in all my day-dreaming about it I never really understood how much work it really is. I always thought it would all just be fairy tales and day-dreams and so I was so shocked when I got into it and there was almost nothing "fairytale" about it and it was definitely not like all my little girl day-dreams!!

I'm so glad that even though Colby and I did a pretty good job of really screwing things up that first year God did an awesome job of teaching us how to fix it. It's great though because unlike when we first got married and thought we had everything figured out, we can see on a regular basis just how little we really know! haha! We've discovered that marriage isn't something you just know how to do, it's something you have to be taught and learn. I'm still learning how to be married and probably will be even when we've been married 50 years! But i'm glad that God has given us the tools to learn how to be married so we CAN be married for 50 years! We are so blessed to have a young couples group in out church, and to have pastor's that have such a heart for us and for teaching us how to be married.

Anyways, all this rambling just to say that i'm very happy that i'm married to my husband and i'm so thankful that he's the man I get to spend my life with!!!

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