Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm so tired...

And it's only noon!!! I woke up this morning about 7:30 and right away started on house work and it's really catching up with me. Colby and I are going out of town this weekend so i'm doing a major deep cleaning job on the whole house this week. I woke up yesterday and had tons of energy and really wanted to get all this work done since this weekend I won't have to do anything!!

Yesterday I deep cleaned mine and Colby's room and washed, dried and folded about 7 or 8 loads of laundry plus did a basic clean up job of the rest of the house. Today i'm doing a deep cleaning of the kitchen...i've been working for about 2 hours and I still have about an hours worth of work to do. My kitchen is tiny!! I have no clue how i'm able to spend 3 hours cleaning in there...it's really not that dirty. I'm pulling stuff out of the cabinets and cleaning out drawers and washing all the doors, so i'm really doing a very detailed job...something i'm not sure i've done in the year that we've lived here.

I'm hoping to get the kitchen, bathroom and kids room done today. The bathroom should only take about 45 minuets because I just did a very detailed job in there a few weeks ago. So that one should be easy. But the kids room is another story! :o) I'm not really sure how detailed i'll get in there because it's still a few more days till we leave town and they will have probably destroyed the whole room by the end of today! haha so i'll probably just do a basic clean up job in there. So really I guess I only have another few hours of hard work and then I can just do basic clean up-that never seems to end-for the rest of the day. :o)

I'm so excited about this weekend! For the first time in 4 years i'll have some really time to myself. We are leaving the kids with my mom and some friends of ours and Colby and I are going to Dallas for a few days, he's going to a photography conference and i'm going to sit in the hotel and do absolutely nothing!!! :o) I'm planning on taking tons of books and movies and just spending most of the time vegging out and doing exactly what i'd like to do. I'll actually have a few days where I don't have to get any cups or cheerios or peanut butter sandwiches! haha I'm really excited...if you can't tell!!!

Ok I guess I better get back to work...Just a few more days!!! :o)

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