Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do you FLY?

With Lexi's party coming up I am in the cleaning mode and i'm determined to get all the deep cleaning done that i've needed to do for a while now. So the last 2 weeks i've gotten out my Control Journal and started the FLYlady method of cleaning again. For those of you who don't know what i'm talking about i'll give a quick rundown and post the website in a sec.

The basic concept of FLYlady is very simple, it's a way to get into a routine of cleaning your house and keeping it clean on a regular basis. Sounds simple right? It really is! I am the kind of person that gets sidetracked SOOOO easy, i've always been that way. As a kid I had a poster on my wall that said "I mean to work are Lord but I keep coming across things that are more fun to do!" That was and sadly still is me! I used to be the worst house keeper in the world, seriously...the house was bad! But over the last few years i've gotten much better, I mean i'm not up for any cleanest house awards but i'm no longer embarrassed to have people over.

FLYlady breaks everything down for you. There are morning, afternoon and before bed routines as well as any others each individual needs. She also has Zones that you work on each month so that you never have a big spring cleaning to do. One week you deep clean the living room. The next week it's the kitchen, and so on. But you clean each Zone every month so it always stays clean. This way you never look at the baseboards or ceiling fan and want to hide from embarrassment because there's a 3 inch layer of dust because for the life of you, you can't remember when the last time you cleaned it was! Is anyone else like this or is it just me? I know i'm not alone because there's a whole website for people like me! :o)

Ok here's the website.... www.flylady.net If anything i've talked about reminds you of your home you should seriously check it out!! Some of the stuff might seem a little goofy but if you get in there and just do it it makes a huge difference and after a while you'll wonder how you got by before it!

So anyways, this week I am in Zone 3. I'll be working on the bathroom and the kids room, I think you're also supposed to clean the kids bathroom but we only have 1 bathroom so I get to skip that. I was bad yesterday and didn't start on my Zone work, I had slacked off over the weekend because we were gone so much so I spent the day catching up on my basic work. My goal for today is to get my bathroom completely scrubbed down-walls and everything-as well and all the rugs washed. Will I get it done? We'll see. :o) I'll post my progress tomorrow...I know, you'll be waiting at the edge of your seat until then huh? I mean of course my clean toilet is the most important thing happening today right?!

Also if you have any FLYing stories you'd like to share feel free to do so! :o)

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