Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two weeks!!!

Lexi's birthday party is only 2 weeks from today! Where has the time gone? I still have so much to get and so much to do around here, i've been starting to feel a little panic actually because it's coming so soon! I still have to get all the cake stuff, although I am just getting the box mixes so that'll make it a little easier on me. I still have to get all the stuff for her cookie wands as well as the rest of the decorations. We got the pony decorations in today so that's a relief, everything else we'll just be getting at Walmart so I don't have to worry about it not being here in time.

We also got her gifts already so that's nice to have done. We got her a pony bag for all her little pony pieces-it will also help keep them up so Logyn won't eat them-and we got her a pink piano with a microphone. She is always singing, any song she hears she ends up singing it or at least her version of it! :o)

That is going to be a very busy weekend for us though, Lexi's actually birthday is on Friday then the party on Saturday and then Logyn's baby dedication is on Sunday. I'm a little nervous about that honestly, it'll be a family packed weekend which isn't always a good thing but I guess we'll see how it goes.

Oh but we did get a set of cd's from the church when we signed up for the dedication. About a year ago Pastor Connie did a child training seminar at church, it was 5 sessions total and we got the set when we signed up! I've been listening to them the last several days and gosh they're good! I just finished the 3rd cd today and even though I was at the seminar it's still changing my view all over again. I think i've just gotten lazy lately and this is really helping to shape me up again. I'm going to get a copy for my mom just because she's works with kids so much, plus she has ours kids so much so it'll help her even as a grama. It's seriously something I would recommend every parent have and listen to on a regular basis!

Total change of subject but I did some baking yesterday! I made brownies, chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin cinnamon rolls with a caramel icing. I also made homemade spaghetti sauce with fresh house smelled GOOD! :o) I don't know why but I was just in the mood to bake. I did send about half of everything with Colby to work today, that way it's not all sitting here begging me to eat it! haha! We're also having bible study tomorrow so i'll probably take some of it with me then too. The only thing that was a little disappointing was the you couldn't really taste the pumpkin in the cinnamon rolls. I'm not real used to cooking with pumpkin yet so i'm not sure how to fix that problem, I don't want to add too much more and make it to gooey cause it was already pretty gooey but it really needs more. Any ideas?

Well this blog has been kinda all over the place, that's just how my mind usually works. I almost always have 10 different things racing through at once. But Colby will be home soon so I better go, gotta figure out what we're having for dinner. :o)

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