Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's party time!

Lexi's birthday is in a month, I can't believe she's going to be 3 already! We have decided to have the party here at our house which will be a bit of a challenge since our house is so small, but we'll make it work. We're going to do it kinda like a come and go so people can come when they want and don't feel like they have to stay the whole time. We'll have chips and sandwiches and of course cake and ice cream so that'll be fun. The big difference this year is that i'll be making the cake! I'm super nervous about it because i've never made a fancy cake before so i'm really hoping it turns out. She of course is having a My Little Pony birthday which is no surprise at all but she also really likes princess stuff, so I decided to make her a pony castle cake. I actually have been looking at cakes online for a while now trying to figure out what kind of cake to make since this is my first time, and I found a pony castle cake. So while it's not MY original idea i'm gonna do it anyways! :o)

We're just planning on inviting some of our friends and family so it won't be a huge thing but it's her birthday so I want it to be a fairly big deal for her so we're gonna go all out with decorating. Colby and I are planning on waiting till the kids leave on Friday and decorating the living room with tons of streamers and balloons so when she gets home from my moms on Saturday the house is all ready for her party! I'm so excited!

Oh, i'm also going to make cookie wands for everyone. I got the idea from the My Little Pony website-yes I signed up for the party planning stuff. I got a cookie sheet that has 6 star shapes on it and a place to put the stick at the bottom before I bake them. Then i'll tie ribbon around the stick and put pink or purple icing and sprinkles on them so they sparkle! :o)Can you tell i'm having fun planning this very girly party?

Ok I guess I better quit chatting and get busy cleaning. That is one good thing about having the party here, it's giving me a great excuse to get all my deep cleaning work done...because we all know that people are going to go behind my furniture and inspect the baseboards! Don't you do that at birthday parties?! :o)

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