Tuesday, February 1, 2011

14-Day Challenge

Has anyone seen the movie "Fireproof"? It was an amazing movie and i've watched it several times over the last 2 years. The first time we watched it was with our couples group, we all went to the theater to see it and I was surprised at how many of us were crying by the end of it! There were several times where Colby and I felt like someone had come to our house and recorded moments and used them for this movie. When we first got married we had no idea how to love each other and yet somehow, after a lot of hurts and almost walking away, we managed to stick it out. We are now so very blessed in our marriage but there is still ALWAYS room for improvement, there's never a point there we can get comfortable and stop working at it. That's where this challenge comes in...

The movie is biased on the book "The Love Dare" which is a 40 day challenge, it pushes and teaches you how to love your spouse in a new and deeper way. Colby and I bought the book not long after watching the movie because we were so inspired by it we just had to have it. But I have to be honest with you, neither of us have actually done it. I've pulled it out a couple of times to try it but I never go more than a couple of days. I think I get started and always just think "You know, we're ok. We don't really need this. It's all pretty basic stuff that we already do right?" And then back on the shelf it goes.

But I stumbled across THIS blog this morning. It's a 14-day challenge using the first 14 days of The Love Dare, it will be one challenge a day leading up to Valentines day. I think it is a wonderful idea and have decided to join in!

Anyone interested in joining me? Don't worry about not having the book, It looks like she will be posting each day what the challenge is so you can just follow along. I'm excited and can't wait to get started! I'll try to update as the days go by, somehow I don't think it'll be as easy as it sounds. :o)


jana said...

I'm in! I love Valentine's Day! It is such a good way to create a habit that we should be doing everyday anyway! Thanks for the "challenge."

Jamie Meyer said...

You're welcome! I was excited to see it and i'm even more excited to do it. :o)