Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another "Keep Out"?

After my last post on things that should stay out of your sex life, the topic of anal sex was brought up to me as something to keep out so I wanted to address it specifically. This one is a bit tricky I think. I believe that Christians especially struggle over this issue because of the connection between this type of sex and homosexuality (also there can be a bit of a "yuck" factor to it for some people).

As for my beliefs on this subject? I did a lot of study today and really tried to find anything in the bible that addressed this issue, as well as look at the health side of it. After looking into it, I still don't have a solid opinion one way or the other.

As far as I could find, anywhere it was addressed in the bible was in reference to homosexuality and that is very clearly wrong. But within the confines of a marriage between a man and a woman? I couldn't find a definite "No" on that matter.

And on the health side of it, I found one SITE that said "Anal sex may also cause physical damage to the rectum and anus, especially if intercourse is forcible or aggressive. So it should be done only when your partner is completely aware and willing to have anal sex." So from the physical side of it, it is possible to cause harm if not careful. However if both of you are comfortable with it and show extreme care, there could be no harm at all.

So I think i'm still where I was when I started my study. I believe that this issue falls under the "comfortable" or "not comfortable" categories. I think that both of you should be completely comfortable with it or it should not even be considered. And if your spouse is not comfortable with this type of sex, they should not be made to feel guilty in any way!

So, there's my thoughts on the matter. :) Anyone else care to share their thoughts one way or the other? I'd love to hear other's views on this issue!

By the way I have to say, I can not believe I just wrote a post on this subject. Please don't tell my mother! :o)

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Holly said...

HAHA! Oh, how I love you. And thanks for addressing this. It's always been a definite no in our marriage for both of us. But I've never seen anything in the bible that says it's wrong between a man and a woman either so I've always wondered about it. Good job!